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Plan a Vacation to North Myrtle Beach

Are you planning a vacation? Think about North Myrtle Beach! NMB is an excellent destination to play, stay, eat, and explore. North Myrtle Beach, widely regarded as the birthplace of Carolina Beach Music and the Shag Dance, is a popular vacation spot for both families and single persons. Thousands of travelers spend their summer vacation at the beach.

The beach is the most popular attraction in NMB! NMB and the Grand Strand are one of the widest beaches on the East Coast. Come play in South Carolina’s Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous lodging options available. You can choose from oceanfront mansions, channel cottages, condos, and apartment-style accommodations. Many hotels and resorts provide short-term accommodations, but many vacationers choose to stay in residences that feel more like their home… or a house they wish they owned.